First Post

I think it’s a little cliche to title the first post of a blog “First Post” but I couldn’t think of any other starting point. It may just be a partial cop-out on my part because I feel an overwhelming sense of obligation to write something. This won’t be long (at least not as long as it should be in terms of blog posts) but it will be a starting point. I’ve been reading everywhere that two central pieces in becoming a better writer are to read everyday and write everyday so lets at least kill one of those birds here.

I’ve started with the outline for my first novel using my third idea. Originally, I had a mental outline for a topic that I dreamt not too long ago, but I just couldn’t think of a way to put it onto paper. That, and many other problems that I saw with developing it into a believable story left me with the impression that it would end up feeling more like work and less like writing. I’ve deduced that if I am actually going to write something with the intention of getting it published that it shouldn’t feel like work. Maybe that line of thinking will round up numerous critics among the aspiring, the published and established authors out there  but this is my personal take on writing. This is what I plan to project with this current piece and subsequent pieces that I put out in the future.

I have a few simple goals for my writing. I say a few because I’d rather be honest and vague than specific and end up adjusting myself later on. The first and most important to me is that I want to enjoy the process and what I am writing about. I may hit road bumps along the way (of this I am certain), but the most important thing for me is that I don’t feel dread when it comes time to sit down and lay 2,000 or more words on a page in one session. The second thing is that I want to find a way to reach a broad audience. I know that not everyone is a fan of a particular genre so I intend for my words to transcend genre boundaries and pull on people’s heartstrings. I want to create connections with my work so I will put a lot of attention and care into everything that goes onto the pages in their final form. The third goal is to create something iconic. I want to write a work that stands the test of time. I want someone to read it and think to themselves “This should be a movie.” I don’t say this because I desire fame, on the contrary, I would rather have a bestselling novel with a limited number of people who can put a face with the name the published it. My truest satisfaction will come from knowing that others besides myself and closest family and friends truly believe that I have something to say that’s worth listening to. Something that is so engaging that it keeps readers up at night and makes them rise earlier in the morning just to turn through the pages.

With these things in mind I begin my journey through what will hopefully be the first of many published works. I am not sure when I plan to share my blog but I will be linking it with my Google+ account soon (which I rarely use).



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