Daily Prompt: Our Children are (Miniature) Versions of Ourselves

Izaac is my two-year old son. He is half American and half Japanese. My miniature blazian hybrid is truly one-of-a-kind. I watch his miniature hands shape Play-doh into “rocket ships” and “refrigerators” and “trucks.” I listen to the authority he asserts in the demanding tones of is miniature voice. I feel the love as he embraces his 6-month old brother Izaiah in his miniature arms.

We were all toddlers once. Our miniature minds filled with dreams that were larger than life itself. I remember those dreams and I remember how cynicism slowly crept in with age and began to dwarf them. I look down at my miniature me propped up in his miniature leather recliner watching Little Einstein’s on his Kindle Fire and I pray that life and experiences never receive the opportunity to slowly erode his imagination through miniature seeds of doubt or uncertainty.

I do what I can–be it large or miniature in nature–to ensure that my son dreams big and when his brother becomes a toddler and is walking in those same miniature shoes, I am committed to ensuring the same. Here’s to the miniature versions of ourselves who depend on us to secure the future for them to create a better world.

via Daily Prompt: Miniature


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