Daily Prompt: Survive

I have been making posts on my Facebook page on the same frequency that I intended to post on my blog. I speak about many of the same things, but that isn’t really the point. I wanted to breath life into a blog and watch it thrive, but recently I’ve realized that it is struggling to survive. So is my drive to be consistent.

To get better at something you need to practice that which you wish to improve. I hope that applies to being consistent with things that oftentimes feel mundane, like sticking to a writing schedule and sharing my thoughts with people who may never read them or even care. I want my blog to survive. I want my will to survive. And I hope that if I’m consistent enough my words will become good enough to survive long after I’ve written them on a page or released them into the digital ether. I hope my poignant thoughts survive beyond the screen and come to reside in the minds of countless people who just like me, are just trying to find a way to make their desires and dreams survive in a world where one day we all must die.

via Daily Prompt: Survive


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