via Daily Prompt: Shimmer

It’s before 10am and my post-breakfast thoughts are just beginning to form coherency; so yes, this will be a cliché stream of consciousness piece.

When I read the Daily Prompt, the first thing I thought to do was look up the dictionary definition of the term “shimmer”.


What a description!  I let my mind escape to shimmering things. Rippling lakes refracting boundless light, stretching endlessly over the peaks of high mountains. A dazzling glow when you see your lover for the first time as the moonlight catches the faintest sparkle in her eye. A historic wade pool, carrying tales of travelers from every corner of the planet in the glinting glow of the coins that lay beneath its surface.

I am always seeking things that shimmer through the length of a 35mm lens, affixed to my D500. Those still, quiet apparitions bouncing of the sides of buildings in bustling cities as the sun begins to fade from view; that soft, tremulous light that seems so elusive when you strain to discover where it lies, yet it is always present. It shimmers all around us.


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